Confusion Cubed is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask.


A young boy wants to stick these six maze panels together to form a cube, creating a path from the car to the flag.

Can you create an example without moving the panels with the car and the flag on them?

Oh, and make sure that all paths connect to the main path between the car and the flag, leaving no dead ends!


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You can try to find a panel that connects both paths coming from the top of the panel with the flag on it, but there will be two probable solutions if you do that. That won't help you to easily narrow your options down to the correct answer.

Think about the other sides. Is there anywhere you can narrow your options down to one panel?

There's only one panel that fits the paths coming from the top of the panel with the car on it.

Think about how your example cubic maze would look when completed. Which parts connect where?

See the space immediately above the flag panel? The paths on the left side of the panel you place there should connect with the top of the car panel.

There are two paths running from the top of the car panel, one on the left and one in the middle.

The panel initially placed at the top right is the one that you should place above the flag panel. Once you put that into place, the rest is simple.

Look carefully at the parts that are directly connected, and arrange the panels so that the paths line up.



Too bad.

Are there any unconnected paths lurking somewhere?



Now he can make a beautiful cubic maze using your example!

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