Cops & Robber is a weekly puzzle in Professor Layton and the Last Specter.


A robber is on the run, and the cops are chasing him through the village!

The grid below shows the village streets. The cops are at point A and the robber is at point G. At the same moment, the cops start running back and forth between points A and G along the red path, and the robber starts running back and forth between points G and A along the yellow path.

Assuming the cops and robber run at the same speed, at which point, A-G, will the cops catch the robber?


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When the cops first reach point G, they won't have crossed paths with the robber yet. However, they will run into him before they finish their round-trip back to point A.

Be sure to track the cops' path and the robber's path carefully.



Too bad!

Follow the cops' path and the robber's path with equal diligence.



The cops will catch the robber at point F when their paths finally cross!


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