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Copy Cats is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy.


These two kitties are such good friends, they always act in exactly the same way. Today, they've just been for a saunter around the town and are on their way home. Can you get them both back home at the same time so that neither gets upset? It's fine for them to use different entrances.

Keep in mind that if a cat stops on a space that's one move away from a fish, it will immediately pounce on the fish with great delight. Also, make sure the cats don't bump into each other or fall into any manholes.


Click a Tab to reveal the Hint.

To get both home at the exact same time, the black cat has to pick up one fish and no more.

The white cat always has to pick up a single fish on the way home.

Start by guiding the black cat to the fish that's down and to the left of its starting position.

If you don't start this puzzle by moving the black cat one square downwards, you've got no chance of solving it.

After allowing the black cat to pick up the fish, as instructed in Hint 3, guide the white cat towards the fish in the top-right corner, paying attention to both cats' movements at all times.

Once the white cat has picked up this fish, the two cats will be equidistant from the house. Keep an out on the manholes as you guide them home.



You're the cat that got the cream!

The two cats made it home at the same time. No doubt they were delighted to see each other again!