Cosy Cabins is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask.


A family of five are visiting some hillside cabins. There are four cabins available, and the prices vary: cabin A costs $200, cabin B costs $400, cabin C costs $300, and cabin D costs $600. The cost is fixed regardless of the number of residents, so they are restricted only by space.

What is the cheapest cabin at which the whole family can stay? Give your answer by positioning their sleeping bags inside a cabin so that they all fit. The sleeping bags may not overlap.


Click a Tab to reveal the Hint.

Rotate the sleeping bags, move them around, and try as many different combinations as you can. The key is to start with nooks and corners.

Try as you like, but you'll only be able to fit four family members into the cabins that cost $200 and $300. It's a shame, since they're so cheap!

Did you manage to fit the whole family snugly into cabin D?

Well done if you did, but remember that using all the space available isn't the aim here!

You can fit the whole family into both cabins B and D, so both are correct!

Or so you might think... Remember the main goal. You're looking for the cheapest cabin that they can sleep in.



Too bad.

Maybe you can try reading the question again in case you missed something...



The answer was cabin B. The only cabins that the whole family can fit in are cabins B and D, and B is the cheaper of the two.

If only they could sleep standing up, maybe they'd be able to stay in an even cheaper one?

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