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Cracking the Code Crazy Dice Number Tiles

Crazy Dice is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box.


There are two dice, A and B. The pictures show each die from two different angles. Maybe the dice maker was up to no good, but the dots on each face are all completely random. You can see all the faces here, so no matter how you roll each die, if you added the two top faces, the highest number you could get would be nine.

Knowing this, what is the lowest number you could get if you rolled the dice and added up the numbers visible on the two top faces?


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This puzzle is...a bit mean.



That's right!

The dice don't have to be lined up like they are in the picture. If you position the dice like picture above, you get the lowest possible number:one. Of course, it's not likely anyone would ever roll this configuration naturally...


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