Crossed Connections is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask.


You have four cables plugged into four sockets, but as they run through pipes, you have no idea which cable connects to which socket. You only know part of where cables B and C run through, shown above.

The length of cable inside the pipe is 6 m for each cable, and each section of pipe is 1 m long. However, while the vertical pipes can hold as many cables as needed, the horizontal pipes can hold only one cable is connect to which socket?


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You know that the "length of cable inside the pipe is 6 m for each cable."

Start with cable B and try to work out where it's going. From its starting point to the end of the exposed section of cable, it runs through 4 m of piping. It should be clear where the last 2 m of cable.

Next, let's look at cable C. Unlike cable B, it could take various routes to get to the exposed part, but there's only one place where it can end up!

After following the first two hints, there are two cable for each, and they all have to run along 4 m worth of horizontal pipe. That means the remaining 2 m of cable runs through vertical pipes.

Once you know that each cable must travel 2 m vertically, the rest should be easy!

Bearing in mind that the "length of cable inside the pipe is 6 m for each cable," you can work out that B is plugged into socket 4 and C is plugged into socket 1.

The other two must plug into sockets 2 and 3. Since they travel 2 m vertically, cable A  must end up in socket 3. All the cables apart from B can take various routes, but it won't change the socket that each ultimately connects to.



Too bad.

All you need to work out is which cable is plugged into which socket.


Well done!

Cable A goes into socket 3, cable B into socket 4, cable C into socket 1, and cable D into socket 2. Whichever path the cables take within the pipes, the solution is the same.


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