Cursed Case 2 is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask.


Oh no! Another cursed case! It's up to you to get the cursed stone blocks back into the case and close it tight if you don't want to unleash terrible things upon the world!

To be safe, you'll need to pack every block neatly into the case. To complicate matters, the blocks are dotted with holes and protruding studs, so you'll need to make sure the studs on one side slot into the holes on the other side, or you won't be able to close the case. Good luck!


Click a Tab to reveal the Hint.

Having trouble fitting shapes, holes, and studs together nicely?

Sorry, but this cursed case is rather nastier than the last one. You can't just move blocks as they are--you'll have to rotate them too if you want to fit them all into the case.

Let's get started then. See the block that's shaped like a letter T? That goes in the top-right corner of the right half of the case. You don't need to rotate it--it'll remain a perfect T until it's shut up in the case.

Can you see an L-shaped block that has two holes and one stud? Now look for another block that's exactly the same shape but only has a stud.

These two L-shaped blocks can be put together to form a rectangle that will fit into the bottom in the right-hand side of the case. You'll have to decide which way to put them by looking at the position of the studs and holes.

Next, look for a block shaped like a letter U on its side. Move that block, without rotating it, into the bottom-right corner of the left-hand side of the case. You should now know which way around to put these two L-shaped blocks from Hint 3.

You can work out the rest using the positions of the holes and studs in the right half!



Too bad.

The blocks may all be in the case, but are the studs and holes aligned properly?

You have to close that case before it's too late!


Well done!

You've saved the day again!

You do wonder what kind of "terrible things" could be "unleashed" if you left the case alone, though...

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