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Dangerous Holes (A Ropey System in the UK version) is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask.


There are six huge holes at this dig site! It's a bit dangerous for people to be working with these holes around, so you want to use a single length of rope to cordon off all the holes, from A to F.

Stakes have been placed across the site. Tie the rope around the stakes so that it runs from the starting stake to the finishing stake and encloses each hole, while using as little rope as possible. Oh, and no diagonals or doubling back between stakes.


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Start by cordoning off hole A. Which hole should you deal with next?

Once you've done A, you should run the rope down and along the bottom of E, then run it up and circle C.

What's the most efficient hole to do next?

Once you've done C, you should completely cordon off D and E. You can handle both of those at the same time quite easily.

Once you've cordoned off A, C, D, and E, you should deal with F next. Keeping your final destination in mind, you'll want to start with the stake at the top left of the hole.

That just leaves B. Go straight up from F, circle B, and you're home!



Too bad.

Remember, you need to cordon off each hole using the shortest length of rope possible.



One possible solution is shown above. Now they can work in safety!


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