Days of Rest is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask.


Mr. B: "Now then. As you know, we're all going to close our shops for one day a week, but we all have to pick a different day. The other shopkeepers already circled the days they'd be happy with, so it's just you two left."
Mr. A: "I'll close on whichever day. As long as it's not Sunday."
Ms. C: "Oh, I'll just close on the day before Mr. A. That's okay, right?

In the end, which day did each of the seven shopkeepers take as their day off?


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First, think about who can choose Saturday as their day off.

According to the chart, the only possibilities are Mr. A or Ms. C. For now, let's put Ms. C down for Saturday.

But wait! Ms. C's day off has to be the day before Mr. A's, which means Mr. A's would have to be Sunday. As a result, the only one who can choose Saturday is Mr. A.

The first Hint established that Mr. A has to take Saturday off.

Ms. C wants her day off to be the one before Mr. A's. That means her day off will have to be Friday.

In a similar fashion, you should be able to start eliminating certain possibilities one by one for the remaining five shopkeepers.

Mr. A has to take Saturday as his day off, which means Ms. C must take Friday.

Mr. B wants to take either Tuesday of Friday. But since Friday is already taken, it has to be Tuesday. That means Mr. G has to take Sunday, since his only other option is Tuesday.

Can you rule out any other possibilities in the same way?

As of hint 3, we know the following: Mr. A takes Saturday off, Mr. B takes Tuesday, Ms. C takes Friday, and Mr. G takes Sunday. The next one we can determine is Mr. D. He's happy with Monday, Friday, or Sunday, but of those, only Monday will work.

Next up, Dr. F picked up Monday, Wednesday, or Friday. The only remaining choice is Wednesday. Now just finish off this process of elimination, and you're done!



Too bad.

If your plans go awry, the shopkeepers won't be able to take the days off that they want!



They arranged their days off as follows:

Mr. A on Saturday, Mr. B on Tuesday,
Mr. C on Friday, Mr. D on Monday,
Ms. E on Thursday, Dr. F on Wednesday,
and Mr. G on Sunday.

Once you realize that Mr. A's day off must be Saturday, the rest just slot into place one by one!

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