Directing a Delivery is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy.


A little girl is eagerly awaiting a delivery of flowers from this ball-riding clown, and it's up to you to guide him to her.

Assign the four commands (jump a square, go forwards, turn right and turn left) to the four animal symbols to plot the clown's route.

Can you help the clown deliver the flowers without falling off the platform?


Click a Tab to reveal the Hint.

The clown actually passes over every single floor tile on his way towards the girl.

This means that the "jump a square" and "go forwards" commands can't be assigned to any animal that appears in one of the four corners of the platform.

What if you assign "go right" tot he beat symbol? The cloud would turn right on his first tile and head down to another bear. He would then turn right again and go tumbling off the platform!

Now consider what you learnt in Hint 1. Since the bear appears in two of the platform's corners, you can't assign "jump a square" or "go forwards" to the beat symbol. There's only one command left...

The cat symbol also appears in two corners of the platform. If the "turn left" command is assigned to the bear, then the "go right" command must be assigned to the cat.

Now it's just the rabbit and elephant symbols you need to think about...

Try following the clown's route using the information from the previous hints. The clown turns left on the bear then lands on a rabbit. Now, if you think about what would happen if the clown were to jump here, you'll see that the "go forwards" command must be assigned to the rabbit.

Now you just have to assign a command to the elephant.



You're no clown!

The commands need to be assigned as follows:

Cat = turn right
Bear = turn left
Rabbit = go forwards
Elephant = jump a square

The little girl is very grateful for her flowers!

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