Evenly Matched is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask.


You want to cut this unusual 6 x 6 chessboard into four pieces that are the same shape, have an equal area, and each contain one white pawn and one black pawn.

Can you work out how to do it?

Draw lines on the board to show where to cut it. Keep in mind that solutions may be rotated but cannot be mirrored.


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Look at the four white pawns in the center of the board. One of these will have to go into each of the four separate pieces, so you can draw a cross to cut between them.

Extend that cross so that the whole board is divided into quarters. You'll see that the top-left section doesn't have a black pawn in it. What can you do to fix that?

Continuing from Hint 1, let's try to make the top-left section include a black pawn.

Draw lines so that the top-left quarter includes the squares A4, A5, and B5.

Now that section has a black pawn, but the shapes are off...

Now try to change the shape of the other sections to match that of the section you adjusted in Hint 2. Draw lines so that the bottom-left quarter includes the squares D6, E6, and E5.

The shapes still aren't identical, but they're getting closer...

Draw lines so that the bottom-right section includes the squares F3, F2, and E2.

Next, draw so that the top-right section includes the squares C1, B1, and B2.

How does that look?



Try again.

Try to visualize where you'll have to divide up the board.



That was nicely cut!

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