Evenly Matched 3 (Pawn Portions 3 in the UK version) is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask.


You want to cut this 6 x 6 chessboard into four sections that are the same shape, have an equal area, and each contain four pawns. This time around, you want two white and two black pawns in each section.

Can you work out how to do it?

Draw lines on the board to show where to cut it. Keep in mind that solutions may be rotated but cannot be mirrored.


Click a Tab to reveal the Hint.

The pawns seem to be a bit more evenly distributed this time.

Start by considering where you can cut to split the board in two with an equal number of black and white pawns in each half.

From the way the pawns are positioned, a straight, vertical line down the middle seems like a safe bet.

Now try dividing the board into quarters.

You can include all the pawns in the leftmost column, two black and one white, within the same section.

You still need one more pawn in that section, though. How can you manage that?

In addition to the one white and two black pawns in the leftmost column, you'll want to include the white pawn in B3. Then you need to make the two sections in the left half of the board the same size and shape.

Once you've managed that, simply draw the same set of lines on the right and you'll have the answer before you.



Too bad.

Are you sure you had two black and two white pawns in each section?



Your clean divide is proof of a job well done!

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