Evenly Matched 4 (Pawn Portions 4 in the UK version) is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask.


In this final chessboard puzzle, you must split the 6 x 6 board into four sections that have the same shape, are of equal area, and each contain four white pawns and four black pawns.

Can you do it?

Draw lines to divide the chessboard as described, and checkmate this challenge once and for all! And keep in mind that solutions may be rotated but cannot be mirrored.


Click a Tab to reveal the Hint.

It may be a little daunting to see the board covered in so many pawns, but don't be discouraged.

First, try to divide the board in two, making sure there is an equal number of black and white pawns on either side.

It's difficult to get a good grasp of the pawn distribution at first glance, so you could try counting them.

A clean cut down the middle leaves you with eight black pawns and eight white pawns on either side. Give it a try.

Now consider how to split the two halves you've made with the vertical line.

It may help you to know that the pawns in A6, B6, and C6 should all lie within the same section.

In the bottom-left section, you'll need the three pawns on the bottom row mentioned in Hint 3 and the pawns in C2, C3 and C5. If you draw around these, you should have a backward-L shape.

Now if you just add two more black pawns, you're set!



Oh well.

Are you positive that each section was the exact same shape and had four white and four black pawns?



You did a splendid job of dividing the board!

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