Fairway Fibber is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask.


Four golfers named Mr. Black, Mr. White, Mr. Brown, and Mr. Blue were competing in a tournament. The caddy didn't know which one was which, so he asked three of them. One of them, Mr. Brown, told her a lie.

A: "B is Mr. Black."
B: "I'm not Mr.Blue!"
C: "Mr. White? That's D."

So who is Mr. Blue?


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Only Mr. Brown is lying. Since he is one of the three people the caddy spoke to, you can start by supposing one of A, B, or C is Mr. Brown. Then look at how that works with the others' statements and how that statement being false affects everything else.

Let's say that A is Mr. Brown. That would make his statement false and B's statement true, so B is neither Mr. Black nor Mr. Blue. C's statement must also be true, meaning that D is Mr. white.

However, that leaves Mr. Brown as the only possibility for B's identity, and you already started on the assumption that A was Mr. Brown, so this scenario is impossible.

Let's move on to B and assume he is Mr. Brown. It doesn't take long to see that this isn't possible, as B's statement "I'm not Mr. Blue!" cannot be a lie if he is really Mr. Brown.

So now you know who must be lying.

We know now that C must be Mr. Brown, whose statement is a lie. A must then be telling the truth when he says that B is Mr. Black. This doesn't contradict B's own statement, either.

So D must be either Mr. Blue or Mr. White. Since C's statement is a lie, that means D can only be... ?



Too bad.

Pay attention to the fact that you already know the name of the person who lied.


Well played!

The lying Mr. Brown is C. Since his statement is false, D must be Mr. Blue.


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