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Farm Work is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Curious Village.


Alfred and Roland have been hired by a farm to sow flower seeds. They've been assigned a 10-acre plot of land and split it in half so they can work independently. Roland starts from the east and Alfred from the west.

Alfred can plow the land at a rate of 20 minutes per acre. Roland takes 40 minutes to plow, but sows seeds at three times the speed Alfred does.

If sowing seeds on the 10-acre plot pays $100, how much of that money should go to Roland?


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The two workers receive $100 for the job and divide it according to the amount of work each person did. In this case, "work" refers to the number of acres each person seeded.

Read the puzzle again and think about exactly how much work each person did.

Since work refers to the number of acres each person seeded, the amount of time each person took isn't a factor in deciding payment.

Did you see the sentence that said that Roland and Alfred were assigned a 10-acre plot of land to work together and split it in half? What does that tell you about the amount of work each person did?



Too bad!

Having trouble tracking who worked what when? Don't be distracted by the long explanation!


That's right!

The beginning of the problem says that the two men split the 10-acre plot of land in half so they could work independently.

In other words, they both had the same amount of work assigned to them.

Since each person did half the work, the pair should split $100 right down the middle. Each person gets $50.


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