Ferris Letters (Fair Lettering Ferris in the UK version) is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask.


This unusual Ferris wheel is adorned with a letter of the alphabet in the center and on every cabin. The letter in the center is [S], and the cabins, when read in a clockwise direction, go like so:
[J], [M], [E], [V], [M], [N], [U], and [?]

According to one fairground worker, there used to be a letter instead of the [?], but he can't remember what it was. He only knows that the letters all obeyed some sort of rule. Can you work out which letter used to be on the [?] cabin?


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Pay attention to the [S] in the center. The movement of the wheel is also a clue.

[S] is in the middle, and the cabins all go around it. Does it bring anything to mind?

The letters are each the first letter of a word. The most familiar one to us is [E], without a doubt.

Are you having trouble working out what the words are from single letters? How about if we reorder the cabins a bit: M V E M J ? U N

Still not ringing any bells? By the way, this ride is nicknamed the Solar Wheel.

Isn't the sequence M V E M J ? U N familiar? It's the order of the planets orbiting the sun, going from the closest to the most distant!

The cabins are marked with the first letter of each planet in our solar system. So which planet comes between [J] and [U], and what is its first letter?



Too bad.

Take another look at the sequence of letters. Do they not remind you of something?



The cabin marked [?] represents Saturn, so it would have been marked with [S] in the past. The letters on the Ferris wheel represent the planets orbiting the Sun.

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