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Find the Dot is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Curious Village.


You are holding an eight-pointed shape with a red dot on it. If you hold the shape so that the red dot is in the position shown in Diagram A, then flip it over, you'll see a black dot as depicted below.

Now, assume you are holding the shape as shown on the left side of Diagram B. Where will the black dot be when you flip the shape over?

Draw a circle around where you think the black dot should go.


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If you flip the shape in Diagram A, you get the shape shown in the upper-right part of the screen. Try to visualize where that black dot is when the white side is up.

Diagram B is just a rotated version of Diagram A, so you know that the position of the black dot in Diagram B must also rotate accordingly.

When the shape is positioned as shown in A, the black dot is behind the middle-right prong of the shape. Flip the shape over and you'll see it on the middle-left prong.

See how the dot moves when you flip the shape over? Now think about where that dot should be in the orientation shown in B.

Moving clockwise, when the white side is facing up (as in the left picture of B), the black dot is two spaces ahead of the red dot.

Now you should pretty much know where the black dot is. Just visualize the shape flipping over and you'll have your answer.



Too bad.

Focus on the relationship between points on the front and back sides of the shape.


That's right!

US Version

Take a look at the diagram for the answer.

UK Version

Take a look at the diagram for an explanation.


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