Fishing Friends is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy.


Three friends, A, B and C, are fishing on the riverbank. Watching them is a keen-eyed fisherman, who says:
"One of these lads has caught a wellington boot, and another's caught an empty can. The third lad, though, he's landed himself a really big catch. Now, the lad who caught the wellie is next to the one who made the big catch, but it wasn't B who caught the wellie. I'm right about this, mark my words."

Who landed the big catch?


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"It wasn't B who caught the wellie."

This must mean that either A or C caught it."

To put Hint 1 another way, B must have reeled in either the empty can or the big catch.

If A caught the wellie, the person beside him made the big catch. Likewise, if C caught the wellie the one beside him made the big catch.

Take another look at the position of the three friends...

Regardless of whether A or C caught the wellington boot, the person who made the big catch is the same. That is, the one who is both next to A and next to C.



Don't let this one get away!

Have another think about it.


Hook, line and sinker!

It was indeed lad B.

Turns out his "big catch" was an old car tyre. It's certainly big, but not much of a catch...

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