Fishy Triangle is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask.


Here's a little paper goldfish.

You can make the goldfish into a triangle by cutting carefully along the dots to make two pieces, then rotating the resulting pieces to put them together.

Where should you cut it? Draw lines with the stylus across only the places where you should cut.


Click a Tab to reveal the Hint.

Are there any parts that'll help you get started?

There's a triangular indentation at the tail fin of the goldfish. What does that tell you?

If only you could cut the goldfish into three, then you could simply cut through the fins.

If you cut through the fins, you'll end up with three pieces, so that's a nonstarter.

You've got to deal with the indentation in the tail fin, though. Try cutting out the shape of the indentation somewhere else, then using that shape to fill in the gap.

Did you work out where you need to cut in order to create a shape that'll fill the gap?

Find the dot second from the right, third from the top, then make a small cut going upward and to the left.

When this cut is paired with the fish's side, it makes a triangular point that would fit nicely into the gap in the tail.

After cutting the fish as described in hint 3, make another small cut going downward and to the left.

Can you see where you're going with this?

Next, you just need to cut downward and to the right!



Too bad.

You only need to cut it into two pieces, remember.


Gold on you!

If all goldfish could turn into triangles, they'd have far fewer natural predators!

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