Fix the Fossil is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask. The puzzle must be solved in order to progress the story.


Here is a fossil that has been broken into nine pieces. It had been restored once before, but... let's just say one of the teachers is a bit clumsy.

It used to be a 3 x 3 square. Can you put it all back together?

Since it's quite fragile, you can only move three pieces at a time horizontally or vertically. Put it back together in the center of the grid when it's complete.


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You can put this fossil back together in just four moves. If you get it wrong, it'll make things harder for you, so be careful when moving pieces.

You can move only three pieces at a time. This is actually to your advantage, as it reduces the number of possible parts you can move.

Remember, you want to move the pieces in order to have the complete fossil in the middle nine squares of the grid.

Here's some more hands-on advice: first, move the three pieces in the second column from the left down one row.

What should your next move be? Remember, you want the result to be in the middle nine squares.

Continuing on from Hint 3, move the three pieces in the center column up one row. Next, move the three pieces in the second row from the bottom over to the right one column.

Can you work out the last move?




So it was an ammonite fossil.

You can solve this puzzle in just four moves. Who'd have thought it was so simple?

  • Initial position
  • Slide the second column down one space
  • Slide the third column up one space
  • Slide the fourth row right one space
  • Slide the fourth column up one space
  • Correct!

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