Floor Seats (A Whinger's Tale in the UK version) is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask.


Ms. A is complaining about the seat she had for last night's play. Can you work out where she was sitting?

1) "The five of us sat in a row, with me in the middle. Talk about a fifth wheel!"
2) "Of course I got stuck behind some oaf in a top hat. I could hardly see the stage!"
3) "There were four seats between me and the aisle to my right. I needed the loo, but I didn't dare make a fuss!"
4) "Since my view was blocked, I took to looking at my ticket and noticed the seat number and row number were two apart."


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Let's narrow down the options a little. We can deduce from (1) that Ms. A had at least two seats on either side of her.

That should be enough to get you started.

(2) tells us that Ms. A must have had at least one row of seats in front of her.

(3) is quite specific and lets us narrow it down further to:
seat 3 or 10 in row 3 or 4, or
seat 4 or 12 in row 5 or 6

Take the list of possible seats in the previous hint and find one where the difference between the row number and seat number is two.

That's where Ms. A was sitting.



Too bad.

Read each of Ms. A's statements carefully and narrow down the possibilities.



Ms. A was in row 6, seat 4.

Right at the back! Oh dear... At first she seemed very fussy, but anyone would complain about that seat.

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