Flowery Footpath 2 is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask.


Here's another mosaic scheduled to be replaced, and once again the new tiles are in larger pieces that need arranging. Although the pattern is the same as the old one, it doesn't have to be oriented the same way.

You can move and rotate the pieces, so see if you can give a helping hand and fit them all into the square nicely.


Click a Tab to reveal the Hint.

It's very hard to tell which piece of the pattern goes where.

Why don't you start off b working out which of the pieces fit in the corners and work inward from there?

There's a section shaped like a fat letter T. Rotate it so that the T stands upright--albeit looking top heavy--then place it in the top-left corner.

Look for a rectangular piece with a single tile sticking out on one side. It looks like a boot if you rotate it the correct way. Place it so the sole of the boot sits in the bottom-left corner.

There's only one piece that will fit between this one and the one you placed in Hint 2. If you find it, the left-hand side of the mosaic is complete.

See the rectangular piece with two tiles sticking out on the same edge? It should look vaguely like a power socket. Rotate it so that those tiles face to the left and place it in the top-right corner.

Now look for the piece shaped like the letter E. Rotate it so that the flat edge is on the bottom, and put it in the bottom-right corner. The rest is up to you!



Well done!

This flowery footpath may be even prettier than the last one!

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