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Flying the Coop is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy. The puzzle must be solved in order to progress the story.


A farmer comes back to his chicken coop to find the door open and all his chickens gone! He tells the sheriff, who works out either A, B, C or D is responsible, but they're all pointing fingers at each other.

A: "It's B who's to blame!"

B: "C's the culprit. No doubt about it."

C: "It's either A or B. I'm not sure which..."

D: "It's B...or C. One of the two!"

Only one of these people is telling the truth. Can you work out who is to blame for this?


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The best way to solve a puzzle like this is to choose one of the suspects as your culprit and check whether or not your selection corresponds with the four men's statements.

Start by imagining that B is the culprit. That would make his statement false, and all the others' true.

However, you know only one of the men is telling the truth, so B cannot be the culprit.

Next, imagine C is the chicken-snatcher and a liar to boot.

This would mean that B and D are being honest, and since only one man is actually telling the truth, C must be innocent.

If D is lying and is, in fact, the culprit, that would mean that none of the four men are telling the truth.

But one of them is definitely being honest, so D is not the miscreant.



Too bad.

Imagine that each one of the men is the culprit and see how the various statements correspond in each case.



A is the one who's responsible for the chicken's disappearance. He didn't steal them, though - he simply forgot to close the door!

A's punishment will be to get the chickens back and clean the coop from top to bottom. B and D will have to help him too. That'll teach them to lie!