Forest Friends is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy.


On his way home through the forest, this young boy finds himself lost. Luckily, he bumps into eight forest animals, who tell him which way to get in exchange for apples.

The mouse guides him one square closer to home, the rabbits two squares, the foxes three squares, and the bear four squares. He never meets two of the same type of animal in a row, and there are no animals on the squares containing bare trees.

Where does he bump into each animal?


Click a Tab to reveal the Hint.

Remember that he doesn't meet the same animal type twice in a row at any point.

The first animal who helps him is a mouse.

This puzzle is much easier if you work backwards from the boy's house.

For example, look at the space that's three spaces away from his house. He won't be able to get home if you don't put an animal here.

The closest square to his house is three spaces away, meaning a fox must be the one to direct him from there.

To get to that fox, a rabbit could guide him from the square two spaces back.

Keep going like this and you'll quickly narrow down the potential locations for each animal.

He meets more foxes than he does any other animal, but he never meets two foxes one after the other. That means that there must be another animal between every one of your foxes.

In other words, every second animal guiding him on his way out of the forest is a fox.



Too bad.

Make sure the boy is sent directly from one animal tot he next so that he gets home safe!



He may have made it out of the forest, but he doesn't have any apples left!

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