From Left to Right is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask.


The museum has received a letter from a mysterious art thief. It reads: "Your precious queen is all mine."

The curator, awash with panic, has rushed off to see whether his prize statue really has been stolen. Since he keeps it well hidden right at the back of the warehouse, however, it is rather difficult to check.

Move the crates around to open up a path, and get the statue from the fat left to the exit on the right.


Click a Tab to reveal the Hint.

The key to this puzzle is working out how to get the two crates with protruding parts into the top area.

Start off by sliding the far-right crate into the exit, then move the small rectangular crate next to it into the gap in the top-right corner.

Continuing from Hint 1, you should now aim to get the other two small, rectangular crates lined up beneath the first one.

Shove the bottom-right crate out of the way, and try to get all three rectangular crates in a vertical line.

The next step is to move the crate beside the statue to the right, then move the top-left square crate down. This let's you move the top crate with a protrusion to the left.

You can use the newly-created open space to line up the three square crates vertically.

Once the three square crates are lined up vertically on the right, move up the bottom-left crate with a protrusion. The open space below can be filled with the square crates, which makes space at the top.

You'll find that the two crates with protrusions fit together nicely. Now it's simply a case of shuffling the other crates around until you get the statue out!




It takes a minimum of 26 moves to get the statue out. What a relief that it is safe and sound!

But wait! Who is that lurking in the shadows? Could it be...the dastardly thief herself?!

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