From Right to Left is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask.


The museum curator is talking to the other staff:

"The mysterious thief has brought back our museum's precious statue. I'm trying to put it back in the deepest part of the warehouse so it can never be stolen again, but with so much other stuff in the way, it's proving rather difficult. Can anyone give me a hand?"

Shift the crates around the warehouse, and get the statue back into the far-left alcove.


Click a Tab to reveal the Hint.

This taxing puzzle takes no fewer than 101 moves to complete, but don't despair!

Your first step is to move the two little vertical rectangular crates into the alcove on the far left. Eventually, you'll want to put a square crate in that alcove, though, so start working toward that goal.

Did you get a square crate into the alcove on the left?

Your next goal is to shift the two large rectangular crates to the left side. Keep pushing and shoving with that aim in mind.

Once you've shifted the large, rectangular crates so that they both stand on the left, it's almost time to start moving the statue.

It'll want to slide out and then work its way left via the top. In the meantime, you can fit the two small, vertical, rectangular crates into the exit space on the far right.

When you finally move the statue into its place, the crates are positioned like so:
The two short, vertical crates are on the far right. Both long, narrow crates are in the top right, and below them is a large, rectangular crate. One square crate is to the left of the long, narrow ones, and below it lies the other big, rectangular crate. Under that is one little, horizontal crate. The other horizontal crate is on the top left, and on the bottom left is a square one.




"Phew! That was a real challenge! Great work from the security guards there. Thanks!

Hang on a minute... Oh no! While we've been focusing on putting this statue away, there's been no one left to guard the museum!"

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