Fussy Fruit Eaters is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy.


These three bossy children would like you to pick fruit for them:

A: "I want all my fruit to be the same colour, and I want to have one more piece than C!"

B: "I want fruit from a tree that isn't on the edge. And it'd better not be blue!"

C: "I want fruit from a tree next to the one B gets her fruit from, and I want one more piece than her. And all my fruit has to be the same colour!"

If you satisfy their demands, perhaps they'll be quiet for a while. So get picking that fruit!


Click a Tab to reveal the Hint.

First of all, think about which color fruit you need to give each of the children.

Think about what colour fruit you need to give to B, one that's "from a tree that isn't on the edge".

That already narrows it down to either the green or blue fruit.

If you consider the information provided in Hint 2, it should be fairly apparent that B needs to be given green fruit.

Now you know what color fruit B is getting, you can establish that C receives either red or blue fruit. Carefully read C's demands one more time and you should be able to work out what colour fruit he should get.

If you give B two or three pieces of green fruit, you won't be able to give A or C enough fruit to satisfy their demands. As a result, you know that B only wants one piece of green fruit.

Now that you know that, the rest is pretty easy!



Too bad.

Look at the children's demands closely and give it another go.


Totally tropical!

You can satisfy all the children's demands if you give three yellow pieces of fruit to A, one piece of green fruit to B and two pieces of blue fruit to C!

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