Give Me a Sign! is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy.


A young couple are on a day out in the forest. After finishing their picnic, they go for a walk, only to get lost and wind up at a dead end. There's a sign there, but it's so old and weather-beaten that all the pieces that used to create an arrow have fallen off, making it impossible to tell which way to go. Pieces of the broken sign can be found on the floor around it, though.

Do you think you could help the couple put the sign back together and work out which direction they're supposed to go?


Click a Tab to reveal the Hint.

Consider the fact that the couple are at a dead end. There aren't that many direction in which the arrow can point...

Look at the spiky pattern around the edge of the sign. There's one part that's different from all the other parts, isn't there?

Now why is that?

Aha! So the spiky bit at the bottom was part of an arrow pointing downwards.


It seems this sign is telling the couple to perform a U-turn. You might as well fix it now that you know this!




Too bad.

Look closely at the weather-beaten sign before doing anything else.


That's right!

The arrow was carved out of the wood, exposing some of the signboard to sunlight.

So now the couple know that they need to make a U-turn. But that's pretty obvious when you're at a dead end...

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