Give Me a Sign! 2 is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy.


This couple have gone out for a walk in the woods, but they've managed to get lost somewhere along the way. They find a signpost, but it's so old and weather-beaten, all the pieces that used to form the arrow have fallen off, and it's become impossible to read. Pieces of the broken sign can be found on the ground around it though.

Do you think you could help the couple put the pieces back on the sign so that they can work out where to go?


Click a Tab to reveal the Hint.

It seems as though the couple are standing at a junction, but what kind of junction? T? Or maybe Y?

Perhaps there's a clue on the sign that'll be of assistance to you...

Look at the spiky pattern around the edge of the sign and you'll see there's one part that's different...

The arrow on this sign seems to be pointing towards the top-right corner. Does this mean the top-left corner is a dead end?

Yes, that definitely looks like a Y-junction...




Too bad.

Have another look at the sign and make sure you're not missing anything.


That's right!

The exposed part of the signboard got a bit faded by the sun.

If they take a right at this junction, they should be able to make it out of the forest!

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