Going Dough-nuts! is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask.


A family of three runs a mobile doughnut shop. Their most popular item is a four-glazed doughnut. There are 12 doughnuts here, three of which were made by the mother of the family. She makes doughnuts in her own unique way.

Can you find the mother's doughnuts?

The glaze on the doughnuts in the same on both sides, by the way. But keep in mind that flipping one will change the order of the glazes!


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The size and shape of all 12 doughnuts is the same, but there is a way of telling the difference between them. Can you identify what it is?

The size and shape is the same for all doughnuts, so you can only distinguish them by looking at the glaze.

Try looking for three doughnuts with the same glaze pattern.

If you turn over the doughnuts, the order of the glazes will change too.

For example, a doughnut where the glazes are brown, white, orange, and pink going clockwise will be the same as one that's brown, pink, orange, and white going clockwise when you flip it over.

Keep this in mind when looking for the group of three.

Look at the first row. The order of the glazes is the same for three of them but different for the second doughnut from the left. That one was made by the mother of the family.

Now you just need to look for the two doughnuts that match it.



Too bad.

They all look equally delicious, whoever made them!



The mother of the family made the second doughnut from the left in the top row and the far-left and far-right ones on the bottom row.

If you look carefully, you'll notice the doughnuts are glazed in slightly different ways. Then it's just a case of finding a group of three doughnuts that match in some way and are different from the rest.


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