Golden Butterfly is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy.


Here are three fruity syrups that each have a different level of sweetness. When mixed together correctly, they can make a special concoction that can lure a golden butterfly. Making the concoction is something of a delicate art, though. If it's too sweet, it'll attract bees. If it's not sweet enough, the only insect that'll be interested is the green beetle.

Using at least one measure of each syrup, see if you can get just the right balance to lure in the golden butterfly!


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As the puzzle text notes, each syrup has a different level of sweetness. Since you know which insect likes sweet things, it should be easy to work out which syrup is the sweetest and which is the least sweet.

There's something interesting about one of the syrups, though...

Put five measures of pineapple in your concoction and you'll attract a bee. Try using five measures of blueberry and you'll attract a green beetle. Use five measures of apple, however, and something golden will fly past...

The apple syrup obviously has the right level of sweetness, but remember that you have to use all three syrups.

Let's say that pineapple has a sweetness level of 3, apple 2 and blueberry 1.

A balanced concoction should have a sweetness level of 10. What combination of syrups do you need to create such a concoction?

There are many combinations that will attract a golden butterfly. One of them requires you to put two measures of pineapple in the beaker, then...

Well, you can work out how to combine the rest of the ingredients for yourself!



Good work!

You finally laid eyes on the magnificent golden butterfly! Isn't it beautiful?

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