Golden Butterfly 2 is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy.


As any good lepidopterist knows, the only way to see a golden butterfly is to lure one out using a concoction with just the right level of sweetness. Too-sweet concoctions are only good for attracting bees, and ones that aren't sweet enough attract beetles.

You're hoping to glimpse a golden butterfly, but you have only three fruity syrups of varying sweetness and a bottle of water. Using five measures of these ingredients, can you create the perfect concoction? Naturally, water will dilute the sweetness.


Click a Tab to reveal the Hint.

Start off by making a few combinations at random - no need to engage your brain just yet!

Check what kind of insect is attracted by your concoction when it contains five measures of orange, or five measures of strawberry.

Putting five measures of orange, strawberry or watermelon in your concoction will attract a bee every single time.

What happens if you mix four measures of orange with one measure of water? How about four measures of strawberry with one of water?

The puzzle text doesn't state that you have to mix all the ingredients. In other words, your concoction can contain just two or three ingredients.

One measure or orange has a sweetness level of 3, strawberry has a level of 9 and watermelon has a level of 7. A measure of water, on the other hand, decreases sweetness by 10.

How can you combine these ingredients to produce a concoction with a total sweetness level of 10?




You finally laid eyes on the magnificent golden butterfly! Isn't it beautiful?

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