Grand Horse Race is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask.


One day, four people took part in a racing tournament. First they held races of two, then the winners raced against each other, while the losers battled for third.

Can you work out the order based on the comments below?

A: "I won one race and lost another."
B: "I didn't make it to the final!"
C: "I'm just glad I beat A."
D: "If only I hadn't lost to B..."


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B didn't make it to the final. In other words, she lost the first race, so she's one of the two people competing for third.

It seems D lost the race with B. From Hint 1, you know that B lost the first race and was competing in the third-place runoff.

In other words, the race in which B beat D had to be the runoff.

A won one race and lost another, and C says she beat A. So that means A's one loss was in the race against C.

You know from Hint 2 that B and D were competing in the third-place runoff, so that means A and C had to have been competing in the final. So who beat whom?

You know from Hint 2 that B won in the third-place runoff against D. So B came in third and D came in fourth. Furthermore, you know from Hint 3 that the final was between A and C, and that C won in the end.

So who took first place, and who came in second?



Too bad.

Try to narrow down who participated in which race.



C came in first, A second B third, and D came last. D didn't sound very happy about the result, did he?

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