Hat Weather is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box. For the puzzle in the European version of the game, go here.


There is a fellow with very particular rules about when he wears his best hat.

  • When it's sunny, he always wears his hat.
  • When it's rainy, he doesn't wear his hat.
  • When it's cloudy, he doesn't wear his hat unless it's been cloudy for two days in a row, in which case he wears his hat on the second of these days.

Below is a chart of when this man wore his hat over the course of one week. Use the panels to fill in the weather for each day, keeping in mind that it doesn't rain on cloudy days.


Click a Tab to reveal the Hint.

Start by placing a rainy-day tile on each day where our friend didn't wear a hat.

Once you put down the rainy-day tiles as described in Hint One, you may notice that there are no more places for your cloudy tile.

You could place it down on one of the days with a hat if that day was the second day in a row of cloudy weather, but no two days in the week shown appear to have been cloudy...

If the week before the one shown here had a cloudy Saturday, this fellow could wear his hat on Sunday, couldn't he?



Too bad!

Think hard about the clues you've been given and try again.



If you assume that the Sunday shown was the second cloudy day in a row and figure out that our friend wore his hat out that day, the rest of the solution falls right into place.


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