Holiday Snaps is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask.


Someone sent a letter and a set of photos to a friend.

"Here are the photos we all took when we went on vacation. There should be a total of nine--I hope I sent them all! Sadly, it looks like neither of us had a photo taken with each person in the group. I think we snapped more of me than you. I 'll stop hogging the limelight next time!"

Who sent this letter, and who received it?


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Try making a note of who's in which photo for each photo. Then work out how many photos A through D appear in respectively.

A is in six photos, B five, C four, and D five again. According to the letter, the sender is in more photos than the recipient.

Take each of A, B, C, and D in turn, and check whether or not they appear in photos with every other person.

B and C didn't get to have their photo taken with every other person. That means they must be the other two people described in the letter.

The letter said that the sender appeared in more photos than the recipient. Try comparing the number of photos B and C appear in.

Out of B and C, the one who appears in more photos has to be the sender. If you followed Hint 2, you should already have counted the number of photos each person appears in.

So who appears in the most photos, B or C?



Too bad.

Try to work out which people appear in which photos.



The letter was from B to C.

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