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Hose Help? is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy.


An archaeologist has just dug up an ancient statue, and a collection of reporters and nosy members of the public have descended on the university campus where he works in order to have a look. Everyone is keen to clean the mud off the statue and see what lies beneath. However, even though the tap's been switched on, there's no water coming out of the hose.

You'll need someone to help you get the hose spraying again, but who's the best person for the job?


Click a Tab to reveal the Hint.

The hose is properly connected to the tap, and the tap has been switched on. What's more, the fact that there isn't water spraying everywhere indicates that there aren't any holes in the hose. In other words, there's nothing wrong with the hose itself.

What other reasons can there be for the lack of water? Look carefully at the top screen...

Some of the people who've come to take a look at the statue have got all sorts of interesting implements with them, but are any of them going to be useful when it comes to getting water out of the hose?

Don't get involved with any convoluted thought processes. Try looking closely at the picture once more. The answer is sure to present itself to you.

Water should be passing through, but there's clearly something blocking its progress at some point along the hose.

Look along the whole length of the hose and you're bound to find the blockage, and with it, the answer.

Follow the hose all the way from the tap to the archaeologist in the yellow coat.

Someone's preventing the water from flowing along it at some point. Find out who!



Never mind.

Look closely at all the people in the picture and have another go.



Person B is the correct answer. He just needed to stop standing on the hose.

Unfortunately, now that all the mud has been cleaned off, the statue doesn't appear quite as ancient as the archaeologist would have hoped. Oh well!

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