How Many People? is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Unwound Future.


"I was riding on a double-decker bus, and the tour guide on the upper level told me that, including myself, there were 25 tourists in the lower level and 40% as many tourists in the upper level."

How many people total were in the bus?


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Even if you think you got the answer from a quick calculation, you might have completely overlooked something.

Don't forget that it was the tour guide who gave you all this information.

The upper level has 40% as many tourists as the bottom level. In other words, two-fifths of 25 tourists, or 10 tourists. So that's 35 total tourists.

Is that everyone, though?

Hint Two reminded you that, besides the tourists, there's also a tour guide riding the bus. Moreover, a bus can't run without a bus driver!



Too bad!

40% is two-fifths. But even if you get that, there's a catch.


Good job!

Thirty-seven people were riding the bus. There were 25 tourists in the lower level, and 40% of that is 10 tourists in the upper level. This amounts to 35 tourists. If you then add the tour guide and bus driver, you get a total of 37 people.


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