How Many Sweets? is a puzzle in the European version of Professor Layton and the Curious Village. For the puzzle in the American version of the game, go here.


Three boys are talking about how many sweets they each have.

A: B has the most!
B: If C gave me one sweet, I'd have twice as many as A does.
C: It'd be better if B gave me two sweets. Then we'd all have the same amount!

How many sweets are there in total?


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If B gave C two sweets, everyone would have the same number.

This must mean that the difference between A and B is two sweets, and the difference between B and C is twice that, making four.

You know from Hint 1 that the difference between A and B is two sweets. You also know that if B got one sweet from C, he would have twice as many sweets as A.

Put these two facts together and you should be able to work out how many sweets A has.

You can work out from Hint 2 that A has three sweets.

That makes it easy to work out how many B has, since you know he has two more!



Too bad!


That's right! There are nine sweets in total.

The difference between the number of sweets A and B have is two. If B had one more sweet, he would have twice as many as A. Therefore, A + 3 = 2A, which means A has three sweets. B must then have five, as he has one less than twice what A has. If C had two more sweets he would have the same as A, so he must have one.


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