How Old? is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Last Specter.


A friend wrote you the following letter:

"Our baby girl Nat was born last year in March. If you multiply her age by those of her older sister Kat and brother Pat, the product is 36. If you add all of their ages together, you'lll get a sum of 13. Everyone is healthy and happy. Write back soon!"

What are the ages of Nat, Kat, and Pat?


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You shold be able to work out Nat's age easily. You know the month in which she was born last year, but when was the letter written?

Nat is one year old.

When you multiply that by the ages of Kat and Pat, you need to get 36.

Here are the possible combinations: 1x36, 2x18, 3x12, 4x9, and 6x6.

The sum of all three children's ages is 13. The younges child is 1, so the sum of the two older children's ages must equal 12.

Kat and Pat are the same age.

You need to find a number that when multiplied by itself equals 36 and when added to itself equals 12.



Too bad.

Can you glean any information from the date on which the letter was written?



Their ages are 6, 6, and 1. It only works if the older siblings are the same age. They are, in fact, twins!


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