In the Balance 2 is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy.


Sheppard's plans to go on a hot-air balloon trip have run aground, so to speak - he can't seem to make it stay on course. See what you can do to help him get it balanced!

If points A, B, C and D each carry the same amount of weight, balance will be restored. The weight carried by each point is the total of the four bags around it. The numbers on the bags represent their weight in kilograms. The darker bags cannot be moved at all.


Click a Tab to reveal the Hint.

The nine-kilo bag needs to be moved from the centre of the basket. Make sure you don't put it next to the eight-kilo bag, though.

Hint 1 suggested that you need to move the nine-kilo bag from the middle of the basket, but it didn't tell you which bag should go there in its place.

Well, that's what this hint is for! It's the six-kilo bag.

If you followed Hint 2, you should have the six-kilo bag in the centre of the basket. Now try rearranging all the other bags so that the total weight on each of the points from A to D is 19 kilograms.

With the six-kilo bag in the centre of the basket, as instructed in previous hints, try arranging the other bags like this:

5 1 ?
7 6 3
? 2 8

Now, think about what the ?s should be. Place the right bags there and the basket's balance will be restored!



Too bad.

Check each point individually one more time.


Well balanced!

The weight of the bags around each point should add up to 19 kilograms.

Sheppard's balloon trip should go without a hitch now!

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