Jars and Cans 2 is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box.


Look at that, another row of jars and cans all mixed up, and this time there are even more of them. As before, your job is to rearrange these items so that both jars and cans are grouped with items of the same type. However, in doing so, you must always move two containers at once.

Move items around by touching the red icon between two containers and dragging the selected pair of items around with your stylus.


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This is another puzzle where the order of your moves is key. You won't get any hints on this one, but as a general tip for this type of puzzle, you should take care not to return items to their original position while moving them around. Also, you should know that this puzzle, like the previous one of the same type, can be solved in as few as four moves. Pretty interesting, considering you have more cans and jars to deal with this time.

In Japan, the type of puzzle you are playing now is known as a Mandarin duck puzzle. Mandarin ducks are famous for the affectionate way male and female pairs of ducks get along. Some theorize that the game is known by this name because of the way Mandarin duck couples tend to move about together.

Here's another piece of fun trivia.

As stated in Hint Two, these puzzles are referred to as Mandarin duck puzzles, because of the affectionate behavior Mandarin duck couples exhibit toward each other. But it turns out that these birds are said to change mates every year.



Well done!

This puzzle can be solved in as few as four moves and is based off one widely known in Japan since the Edo era.

  • Initial Position
  • Move the second and third containers into the empty area.
  • Move the third and fourth containers into the empty area.
  • Move the sixth and seventh containers into the empty area.
  • Move the first and second containers into the empty area.

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