Jewels to the Lock is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask.


This book is locked up tight by some mysterious contrivance.

The trick to opening it lies in the 10 arrow-shaped jewels adorning the cover. These jewels are arranged in a particular pattern, and rotating just one arrow will release the lock.

Which jewel should you rotate in order to open the book?


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Someone's moved one of the 10 jewels to put it out of step with the rest.

See if you can find something that most of the jewels have in common.

The jewels look like arrows, right?

The direction those arrows are pointing is the key. Where do they point?

US Version

Trace a line from each arrow, and see if you can find the odd one out.

UK Version

Trace a line from each arrow and see if you can find the odd one out.

Aside from the jewel that someone has moved, each jewel's arrow points at another jewel.

Can you find the jewel that doesn't point at any other one? That's the jewel you're looking for!



Too bad.

Pay attention to the shape of the jewels.



You need to rotate the top-left arrow so that it's pointing to the right.

Each jewel is placed so that the arrow is pointing to one other jewel.

If you trace a route from one arrow, you'll eventually end up back where you started.


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