Kitty Solitaire 2 is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask.


Lucky the black cat is back, but this time she has only seven white kittens with her on the 5 x 5 board. Both Lucky and the kittens can jump over any kitten that is in a horizontally, vertically or diagonally adjacent square. Jumping over a kitten removes that kitten from the grid, but Lucky cannot be jumped over.

Can you make the cats up around the board so that Lucky is once again left alone on the board, sitting in the middle?


Click a Tab to reveal the Hint.

In this puzzle, Lucky shouldn't jump until the very end. Start with the kittens, and try to remove as many as you can.

First, you need to move the top kitten down. Now, say that down is south again. The next step is to move the kitten nearest Lucky towards the northwest.

This will leave you with five kittens and Lucky.

Continuing from Hint 2, move the bottom-left kitten to the northeast and then the top-left kitten straight south.

That now leaves you with three kittens and Lucky.

You're almost there. Make the bottom-left kitten jump twice: first northeast, then south.

The last move is to jump Lucky into the middle, and that's it!




Now where have those kittens gone?

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