Legs and Livestock is a weekly puzzle in Professor Layton and the Unwound Future.


The seller of a large ranch has asked the prospective buyer to also purchase all of the cows and chickens currently living on the land, or the deal is off!
"There are 30 animals on my ranch."
" many of each are there?"
"Well, there are 100 legs. What a bargain, right? Do we have a deal?"
All of the animals are healthy and have all their legs. How many cows are there?


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Say there are 15 cows and 15 chickens. That's 15 times four legs four the cows and 15 times two legs for the chickens. That gives you 30 animals and 90 legs. Close, but not quite 100. Now give a try yourself and see if you can figure out the answer!



Too bad!

Don't let this sneaky seller fool you!


Right as rain!

There are 20 cows living on the ranch.

Twenty cows with four legs each equals 80 legs. Ten chickens with two legs each equals 20 legs. Together, that's a total of 30 animals and 100 legs!


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