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Letter Box Plate is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Spectre's Call. For the puzzle in the American version of the game, go here.


It looks as though the letter box was jerked open at some point and the pieces making up the number plate fell off.

Apparently, the plate used to read "1234", but it's hard to tell how the pieces fitted together.

Can you arrange the pieces so the letter box looks the way it did before?


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The pieces don't necessarily make up the digits on their own.

In fact, if you try thinking about what the pieces aren't making, you'll be almost there.

You can't fit the pieces together to form the digits themselves. Instead, you should use the pieces to create the outlines of the digits.

If you start by working out which pieces belong in the corners, it becomes quite easy!

If you're still confused about how everything fits together, look at the colour of each tile in the plate.

Make sure to follow the pattern of alternating colours when putting the pieces together.

It's not the pieces themselves, but the spaces between the pieces that spell out "1234".

The tiles that form the top and bottom rows are darker than the others. Look for these tiles and concentrate on completely filling the top and bottom rows of the letter box, making sure the colour of the tiles alternates all the way along.




The number 1234 is formed by the spaces between the pieces, not the pieces themselves.

Surely the streets around here can't be that long, though?


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