Light Weight is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Curious Village.


Here we have eight small weights that all look the same. However, one of the weights in the group is slightly lighter than the rest.

Using this scale two times, you can find out which of these weights is lighter than the rest.

So, which weight is the light one?


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You're not weighing two sets of four weights on your first use of the scale, are you?

If you do that, you'll only have one more chance left to determine which of four weights is the light one.

But you probably already know that, right?

Maybe thinking about another example will help you out here. Imagine you have three weights, one of which is lighter than the rest.

To find the light weight, all you gotta do is weigh any two of the three. If one of the weights on the scale is lighter, there's your answer. If the two weights on the scale are the same, the remaining weight is the light one.

Think about the last hint. You can figure out the light weight in a group of three with one use of the scale.

If you can narrow the number of weights in question to three in one use of the scale, you've got your answer.



Too bad!

The light weight changes each time you try the problem. Think about what you need to do and try again.


That's right!

To solve this puzzle with no guesswork, you must load three weights on each side of the scale for your first measurement. If you manage to get that far, the rest is easy.


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