Lighten Up is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy.


It's carnival time and it's your job to hand some festive lanterns around the town. You'd think it would be simple enough, but a note from a pushy member of the carnival committee shows they have a very specific idea of how they want the job done:
"No more than one lantern per street! And we don't want any beams of the same colour crossing! It's tacky!"

Can you position the lanterns according to these conditions and still light every street in town, all the way from one end to the other?


Click a Tab to reveal the Hint.

You've got more yellow lanterns than any other, so start by positioning those.

Why don't you try placing one in the bottom-right corner? It will light up that part of the town very nicely.

Continuing from Hint 1, place a yellow lantern on the top street as well. Make sure its beams don't cross those coming from the one you placed in the bottom-right corner.

You now need to think about where you can place the last yellow lantern. Isn't there a place over on the left that would do the trick?

Once all the yellow lanterns are in place, switch your focus onto the pink lanterns.

If one goes near the top of the map, where does the other one need to go? You'll soon see that there's little choice in how to place your two pink lanterns to their beams don't overlap.

In case you're struggling with Hint 3, one of the pink lanterns goes on the second street from the left, two streets from the top of the map.

The second goes somewhere where its light won't overlap the beams produced by this first one.

Once that's in place, you've only got the green lantern to worry about.



Too bad.

Make sure you've read the rules carefully. Try checking that no two beams of light of the same colour intersect anywhere.



What a beautiful sight! The carnival is sure to be a great success now!

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