Loose Connection is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask.


Oh no! A cable section in this circuit has come loose, and now the Ferris wheel's controls don't work! You have to repair the yellow cable quickly!

Fix the circuit by moving the long yellow section down into the gap at the bottom of the grid.


Click a Tab to reveal the Hint.

You can solve this puzzle in 18 moves.

First, slide the yellow section to the top right, and then slide blocks that are shaped like the letter "L" into the resulting gap.

The next piece to move is the clock.

Continuing from Hint 1, make sure the clock is against the left edge, then slide the smaller L block up next to it.

Looks a bit tidier now, doesn't it? The next few moves are tricky, though.

Continuing from Hint 2: 1. Move the inverse "T" shaped block to the far right of the second row of the bottom. 2. Move the yellow piece above the T shaped block, then slide the two L shaped blocks into the now vacant top-right space. 3. Move the clock into the top left corner and slot the small L block in the open space. 4. Move the yellow piece to the left edge of the third row from the bottom.

You're almost there!

Continuing from Hint 3: 1. Move the small L shaped block down one row. 2: Move the bottom L shaped block one column left. 3. Move the T shaped block into the small gap created by the last move. 4. Move the yellow piece all the way to the right.

Now if you move the dark blue zig-zag piece out of the way, you can slot the yellow piece into place.



Well done!

If you solved the puzzle in 18 moves, give yourself a round of applause!

Now the Ferris wheel should be back under control!

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