Lovely Pairs is a puzzle in Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy. The puzzle must be solved in order to progress the story.


Ladies A to D are on a two-day holiday with gentlemen E to H. Each day, they visit a different tourist spot in male-female pairs.

On the first day, A and E explore the jungle, B and F go to the prairie, C and G visit the seaside and D and H enjoy the canyon. The next day, everyone chooses a different location with a different partner. B and E go to the seaside together, and C sets off to the canyon with someone.

Where does G go, and with whom?


Click a Tab to reveal the Hint.

Start by thinking about the information provided in the puzzle text. You know that B and E were in a pair on the second day. That means they couldn't have been in a pair with anyone else.

Since B was in a pair with E, she couldn't have gone with G or H. Likewise, since E was with B, he didn't go with C or D.

Now, think about C and who she took with her to the canyon.

C's potential partners are F and H, but since H went to the canyon on the first day, you know that he didn't go with C on the second day.

C's partner on the second day therefore has to be F.

Put together all the information you've got, and it should tell you that H's partner is A.

Their potential destinations are the prairie or the jungle, but since A went to the jungle on the first day, it means that she must have taken H to the prairie on the second day.

That leaves us with only one woman and one destination, so you should now know where G went and who is partner was!



Too bad.

Taking some notes with the Memo Function will help you get your head around this one.


Picture perfect!

G goes to the jungle with D. Let's hope that monkey doesn't run off with his hat!

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