Lunar Weight is a puzzle in the European version of Professor Layton and the Curious Village. For the puzzle in the American version of the game, go here.


The force of gravity on the moon is about one-sixth of that on Earth. This means that on the moon, an object weighs about one-sixth of what it does on Earth. If you bring a 600 gram weight and a scale to the moon and gently place the weight on the scale, which of the following weights will the scale indicate?

A: 0 grams
B: Lighter than 100 grams
C: Exactly 100 grams
D: Heavier than 100 grams


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To use a scale, you place the object to be weighed on top of the tray.
Do you see?

If the gravity is one-sixth, then a 600g object should weight 100g.
But the question is, what weight is indicated on the scale?
Think about what parts a scale is made up of.

When there's nothing on the tray, a scale will show 0g. But the tray itself also has a certain weight, you know.
That weight will also be one-sixth on the moon.



Try again!

Think about what parts the scale is made up of.


That's right!

The scale will indicate a weight of less than 100g.

A scale is always set to zero with the weight of the scale tray included. So when the same scale is brought to the moon, the tray weighs one-sixth of what it did when the scale was set, and the scale will now indicate less than 0g when nothing is in the tray.


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